CAP Coffees


Sunrise Blend- is built around sweetness, silky body and a restrained acidity. Originally designed as a traditional espresso blend, we've found it serves very well as a drip coffee for those who prefer a simpler, smoother cup with lots of ripe red cherry. It shines with or without cream, and works especially well as a cold brew, where it's cola and tamarind flavors come out into full blossom.

CROSSROADS BLEND (Medium-Dark Roast)

Meridian Blend- a medium-dark blend that is currently made up of washed process Guatemalan and Colombian coffees. Our tasters get caramel, toffee and dark chocolate, with more and more bittersweet cacao as the coffee is roasted darker. The idea behind this blend was to create a coffee focused on balance, sweetness, and versatility. The Meridian Blend hits all those marks and then some. The darker roast brings out notes of toasted hazelnut, bittersweet chocolate, brown sugar and sweet pipe tobacco. As a drip coffee this is a total crowd-pleaser, but complex enough for connoisseurs looking for more.


ELIJAH'S FIRE Espresso (Dark Roast)

Columbian Magia del Campo VLI (MAY 22). - This coffee is extremely sweet with a mild acidity and creamy body. The dark roast is sweet with a restrained acidity and thick body with notes of maple, molasses, dark chocolate, burnt marshmallow and caramel. It consistently produces a shot with a syrupy body, thick crema and lasting sweetness.

GENESIS BLEND (Blended Roast)

Sumatra (Dark)- Deeper notes of molasses, dark chocolate, and pipe tobacco along with a heavy body and mellow acidity were present in darker roast styles. This coffee works very well as a heavy bodied batch brew or in a blend to add body Brazilian (Medium)- Lighter roasts tasted excellent in the cup with notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut, turbinado sugar, and sweet cream.

ANGEL'S LIGHT (Blonde Roast)

Colombian - It has a crisp, but balanced acidity, a syrupy body, and lots of sweetness. Light and medium roast styles tasted of honey, stone fruit, caramel, toffee, and had delicate floral notes